Health Coaching

Do you struggle with following through on health and wellness related goals?  Have you tried all the fitness fads and products, only to be right back where you started: struggling with your health, tired, stressed, and overwhelmed?  Health coaching may be the difference maker you’ve been looking for.

Health coaching uses evidence based practices such as motivational interviewing, the transtheoretical model of change, and behavior modification techniques to help clients identify, set, and achieve their health goals.  Health coaching can be helpful for those trying to navigate concerns such as weight loss; starting and following through with exercise plans; learning how to cope with physical health problems such as diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, chronic fatigue, and more; and many other health or wellness related needs.

Working with a health coach is a collaborative effort.  The health coach will use a variety of tools to help you identify your health and wellness needs and then set goals to meet those needs.  Each goal is accompanied by a list of practical steps to ensure that you achieve the desired outcome.  Each person is unique and different, and the health coach always takes that into consideration when developing a plan with you.  The health coach does not prescribe specific diets, supplements, or exercise plans; the focus is keeping clients motivated and on track with achieving their goals.  The health coach can and will collaborate with your physician(s), as well as make referrals to other health and wellness services to ensure that you achieve your goal.

Health coaching can be done in individual sessions in an office or gym, over the phone or via video chat, in the community (grocery stores, restaurants, farmers markets), or in a variety of group settings.  Health coaching can also be offered in your workplace through workplace wellness programs. 

Birmingham Counseling and Wellness offers individual, group, and workplace health coaching programs.  Our goal is to promote healthy living in our community, and we will work with you to develop a program to meet your individual or organizations health goals.